Everyone’s favourite Jewish, cancer-surviving, lawyer-turned-comedian, Michael Shafar is returning to Adelaide to solve all of the world’s problems by telling jokes.

And he’s leaving no stone unturned in his show, Michael Shafar – The Return of Shafar.

“This is a stand up show that solves racism, gets everyone vaccinated and stops climate change in under 50 minutes,” he says. “There’s also a great story about becoming the victim of a fake news scandal in China that portrays me as the face of the anti-vax movement in Australia.”

Promising to offend everyone in this show, Michael has enjoyed the highest praise, ironically after some of his lowest moments.

“The people who will enjoy this show are the people who enjoy laughing at ideas that are wrong, but also kind of true, but also definitely wrong and should never be repeated amongst polite society,” Michael says. “As a cancer survivor, my favourite ever review came from my oncologist who saw my show and sent me an email the next day that said, ‘Great show, Michael. Well worth the chemo!'”

You can grab your tickets for the Return of Shafar HERE.