A timely piece prompted by the reignited anti-sexual violence movement that has taken place globally this past year, Norm Things is set to inspire crucial conversation this Fringe.

Directed by Tansy Gorman with dramaturg Flick, and featuring actor, writer, producer, and youth worker Jorja Bentley, Norm Things is a one-woman original show examining gender inequality, rape culture, and sexual assault in the corporate world.

Whip-smart, comical, and at times heart-breaking insight, Norm Things is presented through a fierce social justice lens, which follows April, a 23-year-old queer woman navigating the highs and lows of her workplace: $6 coffees, work crushes, HR, and the patriarchy.

“Like our lead character April, I worked in a science institute following university, and this show is inspired by the everyday reality of being a woman in our society,” Jorja says. “I want to share our work with the world because I believe it is an important, timely, and enthralling narrative, that proves thought provoking, but through its comedic lens, also digestible for all demographics.

Comparing the piece to Suzie Miller’s Prima Facie and Phoebe Waller Bridge’s Fleabag, Tansy says Norm Things will provoke thought and question society.

“I want people to walk away asking questions about people in their lives, asking questions about the decisions that we make that impact others, tangible ways they can change this environment around them,” she says.

“Once we move from faceless monsters to people we know, it becomes harder to grapple with but easier to action preventative measures and attitudes,” Flick concurs.

Norm Things was born from the mind of Jorja Bentley, and the experiences of so many women, which makes it an accessible and important work.

“It is is a vulnerable, personalised piece, based on my time working in the corporate workforce as well as my lived experience of rape culture, and aching love and grief,” Jorja says. “We want to share this with our audience to support and empower them moving forward.”

This original work is created by queer female and non-binary emerging artists who are demanding better.

Norm Things is showing at Nexus Arts on 11, 12 and 13 March. Book your tickets HERE.