An original musical about teenage mental health will show how the small decisions we make can have a big impact on others.

Playing at the Arts Theatre at Adelaide Fringe, I’m Fine follows April and David who are teenagers trying to cope with the pressures around them.

April is an anxious dancer, who is highly organised and David is a quiet kid with a talent for drawing.

Show creator Katherine Wicker says a local team has brought the show to life and on to a stage.

“The show was written over two years by Jarrod Matulick, Anika Bartholomeusz and myself. All three of us grew up doing amateur theatre in Murray Bridge together. Each have us have dealt with anxiety and depression and have known people who have attempted or committed suicide,” she says.

“The show stars Amelia Rooney and Jake Fielke, who are both brilliant singers and actors. They are supported by cast of seven and accompanied by a band of six. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and talented group of people to help bring our show to life.”

Act one follows April and the other teenagers choosing to not to share their struggles and Act two follows David and the different choices the friends make.

Katherine says the show has been constructed to bring together important themes set to a soundtrack that makes the message even more powerful.

“The best thing in the show is the music and the message, the message and the music!” she says. “The message is so important, especially since the pandemic started, which has isolated and stressed a lot of people. The music is wonderfully intricate and the lyrics are so powerful.”

With content warning for strong themes of self harm and mental illness, Katherine says this is an important show for teens and their families, especially those struggling with mental health issues.

“This show is for anyone who has, or knows someone with, mental health issues. We would love to get our message to teenagers and their families.

Schools shows available, as well as individual tickets at various price points, so grab your tickets to I’m Fine HERE.