Divorced, unemployed and wondering which direction in which to carve her path, Former Miss Burlesque South Australia, radio host and cat lover Nona Mona is a Hot Mess.

But the show is anything but messy.

Slick, engaging, clever and beautifully written, Hot Mess takes us through Nona Mona’s life, love, triumphs and tribulations through burlesque, comedy, video, and even a little covid safe crowd participation.

Nona Mona is a smart, sexy, hilarious and talented raconteur, and her debut show is absolute perfection.

If you like solid storytelling, comedy, flawless characterisation and a strong female lead, Hot Mess is for you.

Funny, inspiring, uplifting and charming, this show is destined for a far bigger stage and Nona Mona is a star on the rise.

Let’s hope this debut show is the first of many for Miss Burlesque 2014.

Grab your tickets to Hot Mess – That Wasn’t Part of the Plan HERE

5 stars