ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: The Purple Rabbit, 2022

Try to imagine if The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and Jessica Rabbit had a love child and you’d have, ‘The Purple Rabbit’

An evening full of surprises, tricks up sleeves and pulling The Rabbit out of one’s hat.

The Purple Rabbit delights the senses, teases its audience and delivers unstoppable magic dripping in ‘raunch’ dressing.

Expect the unexpected this Fringe season when you visit The Roundhouse in The Garden of Unearthly Delights 2022.

This show is full of intrigue, mystery and sexuality. The Purple Rabbit opted for smart advertising this year by slowly (and slowly) releasing its performers in small and considered increments in the build up toward opening night.

Without giving too much away, you can expect magic, trickery, burlesque, tease and some serious sleight of hand when you visit The Purple Rabbit.

A Boy and His Deck’s very own Dom Chambers is one of the selected performers to wow the audience alongside some high-profile (and highly qualified at the Byron Bay University of Psycho-Sexuality) femme artists who are ready to read your mind, your scorned sexual past and may even reveal your history of Google searches!

You can also expect some ‘turning of tables’ with extraordinary physical performance art and vocal exhibitionism that could only otherwise hail from ‘the beatboxing Olympics’.

The Purple Rabbit is a hat trick of joy, laughter and eroticism from start to finish. We spent the entire evening stunned, wowed and in stitches.

I think the joke went a little something like…imagine if The Cheshire Cat, Harry Houdini and Dita Von Teese walked into a Sex Shop: THE PURPLE RABBIT.

Five Stars