After blowing up on YouTube during the initial lockdown, Nat’s What I Reckon’s original comedy cooking channel with a metal twist continues to resonate with a global audience and has inspired many to think about what they’re cooking themselves and have a laugh at the same time. Filling up the Royalty Theatre for his second live tour Nat’s What I Reckon: Uncooked keeps the comedy fresh and the food examples deplorable.

Support act Rudy-Lee Taurua warmed the crowd up with riffs on car theft and his lack of surprise at the amount of people that still come up to him after shows to express their confusion about his homosexuality.

Nat’s self-deprecating and sweary style was in full force, serving us harsh comments from fans as an appetiser. His deadpan delivery on the ridiculousness of some online trolls was hilarious.

One thing you should know about Nat, is that he hates microwaves (or as he calls it the ‘Tucka Fucka’) and overly processed food and sauces. For his live cooking demonstration, he makes a creation called ‘Shit on a Stick’ which will be left to your imagination and is equal parts hysterical and gross.

Some video skits on COVID conspiracies and a 60 Minutes parody were cleverly done and show another side to his cooking persona.

If you’re looking for some comedy that’s a bit left of centre, Nat’s What I Reckon: Uncooked is on until Saturday, February 26 at the Royalty Theatre. Get on it, champions.

**** Four stars