Ahh yes, Reuben Kaye – a legend, an icon, a comedic genius, a drag superstar and most importantly unapologetically FILTHY!

The Kaye Hole isn’t just a place for those who have quite literally devoured far too much ketamine and find themselves in an strange tent in the middle of Rundle Park with a drag queen lecturing them about the marginalisation of heterosexuals.

The Kaye Hole is a safe place for every letter of the LGBTQI+ alphabet. The Kaye Hole is a shelter for young and old, every colour and creed, every faith and representation and yes…even for the occasional straight man.

This late night variety show is what people are calling high energy, campy, scandalous, creative, a delight to the mind and senses, a true showcase of Australian talent and what Reuben’s therapist is calling…a backwards step.

Reuben’s jokes touch on all the right political notes mixing satire, humbling honesty, raw commentary and all brought to you with impeccable comedic timing and delivery.

In the words of Alex Cameron, “you don’t have to be so PC with me”. Reuben exposes his sharp wit and cunning humour with gags (literal) that whilst remaining entirely woke don’t pander to those easily offended but rather with sheer grit and queer-dom Reuben allows his jokes to punch you right in the stomach leaving your sides splitting and eyes watering. Nothing is off topic and everything is on this (delicious) menu!

Whilst visiting The Kaye Hole you can expect to see acrobatic genius that both stuns and at times sparks fear in its audience (is that really humanly possible?). You are also guaranteed big belly laughs with one of my favourite moments of the night from the delightful Tina Del Twiste (Wes Snelling) who I think by the end of the evening was some sort of collective spirit animal or perhaps the ominous yet controversial 13th sign of The Zodiac.

Not only are there dazzling acrobatics, boozy cabaret numbers and plenty of displays of naughty dancing there’s also a whole lot of heart at The Kaye Hole!

I mean… there’s also a lot of smut, spilled gin, outlandishness, bonkers behaviours and a naked woman running around making popcorn come out of her head but also mainly HEART!

As Reuben Kaye says, when it comes to The Kaye Hole it takes a lot of talent and also helps if your a child of divorce!

One thing is absolutely for certain – this was and IS a GREAT. NIGHT. OUT! 5 Stars.

Buy tickets to The Kaye Hole above. The Babylon in The Garden of Unearthly Delights

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