Stories about the ancient Greek gods have existed in some form since, well, the time of ancient Greece. With a new take on this narrative involving the irreverent circus stylings of Head First Acrobats, GODZ is a fun-filled circus extravaganza, stacked with stunts to make any occ health and safety manager squirm.

Held in the Vault at the Garden of Unearthly Delights, the theme of GODZ seems to be go big or go home. With a fairly large space to play with, the four male performers represent different Greek gods, and they certainly have the god-like physiques to match. Not only that, but they are put to good use with a number of amazing and creative feats of strength and agility.

GODZ follows a loose narrative around the hedonistic lifestyle of the gods, painting them as fit, pretty, and living a life of mischief and partying. It’s a clever device to frame the acrobatics around, and boy, do those acrobatics wow the audience. There’s some amazing content involving chairs, whips, ladders, and breakdancing at high altitude, all wrapped up in the cheeky and irreverent humour the performers from Head First seem to excel at. Even the the couple of errors that occurred were made to look part of the show, such is the confidence and wit on display.

There are hundreds of shows at the Fringe, and dozens of circus shows – it’s highly unlikely any of them are going to be as entertaining as GODZ. Filled with fun, humour, and most importantly of all, awe-dropping acrobatics, GODZ will have you shouting for more once it’s over. A must-see this Fringe.

5 stars

GODZ is playing at the Vault in the Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday March 20th. Buy tickets HERE.