Recently, industry leaders and creative technologists across the arts came together to present the innovative new ways they’re telling stories and you can be part of it this month.

From virtual reality and drones to soundscapes and interactive art, the way we experience storytelling has changed forever.

The conference threw Adelaide and the Adelaide Fringe into the creative industry’s spotlight showcasing the famed arts festival and city as key innovators in the space.

Many of these new innovations will be on show for the rest of the month as part of an immersive virtual reality program attached to the conference with many presenters at the conference also having collaborated on the Adelaide Fringe signature project for 2022, Sky Song.

This year’s Electric Dreams program includes Goliath: Playing with Reality and Volo: Dreams of Flight which both use virtual reality to transport audiences to faraway places through a truly immersive experience.

Anthropocene in C Major has been a hugely popular part of the program, illustrating the immersive experience of human impact on earth, felt through a live performance that turns data into sound.

The creative geniuses at Blast Theory, one of the visionaries from the Electric Dream Conference, offered Fringe goers a tour of Adelaide with no particular destination with Rider Spoke, their guided narration bicycle tour.

Even if you think you know every inch of the city, you can still learn something new from someone you’ve never met as Rider Spoke uncovers secret messages stores throughout the cityscape.

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