“Ending in chills and mixed emotions, a lingering feeling you can’t quite put your finger on.”

Presented by Melbourne-based Realscape Productions, Eulogy is the newest sibling to the deranged family of shipping containers that land in festivals around Australia.

Darkfield has created Eulogy using binaural sound and speech recognition technology to immerse you into a deep, dreamlike hotel, imagined in complete darkness.

Arriving at the stark white shipping container, we await what’s to come. A welcome speech and final warning about the experience being held in complete darkness has you wondering, what am I getting myself into? We enter.

Two rows of steel trolleys with medical grade pillows and a headset sit within the sterile feeling container. The cage-like seats have you far enough apart from your neighbouring victim that you feel alone, surrounded by cold metal and waiting for further instruction.

Head-sets are secured and the eerie sounds begin. With barely a second to prepare, the lights are out and we are in complete darkness. No sight allows you to feel the air getting thicker, the cold rigid steel against your clothes, the deep, mesmerising sounds of the hotel. 

A soft voice that feels almost too close for comfort begins asking harmless and rather obscure questions that you are prompted to answer, yes or no before being thrusted into action. The sound of cages rattling and people chattering, a hotel lobby. 
Over the next 30 minutes, using sound, vibration, heat and air technology, you are pushed and pulled around the hotel, down corridors and into the depths of your thoughts with your theoretically allocated chaperone. The jumpscares and incredible Darkfield technology make it feel like you’re there, in the hotel with people running in front of you and your chaperone whispering right in your ear, guiding you on a psychological journey, in complete darkness.

Ending in chills and mixed emotions, a lingering feeling you can’t quite put your finger on. Eulogy had me questioning the storyline, the characters I left behind and wondering if I missed anything.

4 stars

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