Never have I experienced so much mayhem in one tiny shipping container!

SÉANCE is only one of four Darkfield productions you’ll find hailing out of 4 shipping containers in The Garden of Unearthly Delights at this years Adelaide Fringe Festival. You can also place your safety in the hands of ASMR wizards in FLIGHT, EULOGY, COMA and of course SÉANCE.

SÉANCE is an incredibly immersive experience where you find yourself suddenly placed at the epicentre of otherworldly and ghostly things. Who would’ve thought of the joys associated with a haunted shipping container? Darkfield did.

If you’ve ever listened to ASMR before…whether it be faux ear cleanings or the sounds of people chewing you’ll bode some familiarity to the Darkfield experience.

SÉANCE is a favourite of mine from the already legendary Darkfield franchise. This particular show is a mix of eerie, odd, collaborative and downright spooky. The point of difference with SÉANCE is that it unites it’s show goers as the group must bond together in order to speak to the dead!

There are some genuine frights and moments of audience participation from some questionable ghouls however, all in all SÉANCE remains an incredibly enjoyable and unique show to frolic over to in the Garden this (and every other) Fringe Season!

SÉANCE does not disappoint, it does however, finally answer Nickelodeon’s controversial question of the early 90’s and that’s – Are You Afraid of The Dark?

4 stars