The night sky came alive at Leconfield & Richard Hamilton Wines for Sky Song. After a successful Adelaide Fringe run, it was extended for an additional weekend so people of all ages could enjoy.

Narrated by First Nations icon, Archie Roach, Sky Song was soundtracked by Australian and largely First Nations artists to tell stories of belonging and connection to country.

Prior to the show, a campfire of lights adorned a projection screen encouraging the audience to take a seat.

Above the projection screen, hundreds of drones took flight and by using different coloured lights and formations created a spectacular visual sensation. From a giant blinking eye, to an First Nations man hunting fish with his spear, many stories were told through poetry and prose.

There were heart-wrenching moments such as when Archie Roach sang his hit “Took The Children Away” about the Stolen Generations and was highly moving with imagery of parent and child embracing. But there were also moments of joy and exaltation with giant hearts and danceable tunes. Smoke billowed out across the grass and giant spotlights beamed into the dark night sky to great effect.

Educational and entertaining, a perfect night out for families and people of all ages. The drone show itself went for only half an hour, but it was a lovely vibe for those who arrived early to enjoy the food trucks and wine on the grass ahead of the show.

**** 4 stars.