Eco Art and Crafts can save children’s lives!

Eco Art and Craft is offering a new full range of 100% plant-based, non-toxic art mediums, created to keep children safe while they let their imaginations run wild. 

Mum, teacher, business owner and creative soul Naomi Parsons initiated the sustainable brand after watching her daughter, Arleena, chew on crayons and other drawing materials. 

“After endless nights of reading and experimenting, I created Eco Art and Craft, so parents and caregivers had a safe, eco-friendly and sustainable option when it comes to creative time for their children,” she says.

To create these new harmless products, Naomi researched far and wide to find substitutes for the detrimental pigments, heavy metals, paraffin, synthetic oxides and micas, plastics as well as other ingredients that are included in many creative materials. 

Alongside the new product line, Eco Art and Craft is also celebrating a finalist position in the 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards

These awards highlight products which work in perfect harmony with the human body, environment, and society. 

Two of Eco Art and Craft’s products, eco crayons and natural eco paints, were deservingly recognised under the Kids Activities banner. 

The full range of eco-friendly, 100% plant based, non-toxic art mediums from Eco Art and Craft is available here.