Adelaide couple gets 3 million streams with white noise, and now they ‘Don’t Stop’

Local songwriting duo Nat Pike and Sienna Hart have written music for recording artists, film and television, and international music libraries, but it was a two-hour, white noise video that put them on the map.

With 3.7 million streams of the Wellness Digital video titled ‘White Noise Black Screen’, the couple were taken aback by the demand for such a thing.

“The possibility of making a viral video is a small bit of hope you have in the back of your mind, but we never expected our white noise generator to make such an impact!” says Sienna Hart grand daughter of renowned artist Pro Hart.

And while it’s never obvious which songs will become a hit with an audience, Sienna is still working on creating noise, just more colourful sounds from now on, with her debut EP ‘Don’t Stop’ being launched on November 17 at the Wheatsheaf.

“Don’t Stop is a collection of songs I have written for myself or other recording artists and, rather than let them gather dust, I have chosen to release them to the world” Sienna says. “I can’t wait to share these songs with everyone and maybe the EP will get three million hits as well!”

Adult contemporary meets indie pop, ‘Don’t Stop’ will have fans of Dido, Sade, and Lana Del Rey feeling goosebumps.

Sienna Hart will be releasing her solo EP, Don’t Stop, at The Wheatsheaf Hotel on Nov 17th. Tickets HERE