Like a wild night out in Tokyo, Maho Magic Bar combines expert mixology with the wonder of magic to pull off a jam-packed hour of entertainment.

Located in the Garden of Unearthly Delights in a purpose-built venue, you can enjoy a delicious cocktail at the outside bar pre-show. Highly recommended is the Kaori’s Spritz, a summery fizz with Japanese plum liquor.

Upon entering Maho Magic Bar your senses are overwhelmed as you are transported to a bar decorated with ornate paper lanterns, cherry blossom chandeliers and wooden bars upon which the audience members sit on stools. Japanese dance music blasts through the venue adding to the excitement.

Charismatic host, Sho Eba, brilliantly keeps the show running with cheeky jokes and interesting tid-bits about Japanese culture sprinkled throughout the show.

Each table is given five performances from a range of highly talented sleight of hand magicians that rotate across the tables. You’re up close and personal with the magicians as they perform incredible feats before your eyes. Perhaps most impressive was Kaori Kitazawa, bucking the trend of male magicians with her kawaii (Japanese for cute) charisma suspending the audience in disbelief with her card tricks. Audience members can also pay a little extra to be involved in a bevy of tricks in between each act. One trick with a can of Coke is absolutely gobsmacking.

The other magicians include the darkly hilarious Sarito, a man of few words who conveys a lot with a single look, the mischievous Shirayuri who looks like he’s stepped off the streets of Harajuku and the unassumingly extraordinary Santa Terakado who incorporated stuffed animals into his trickery.

Maho Magic Bar is a whirlwind of magic with a perfectly themed soundtrack to match. Brilliantly astounding from start to finish and truly makes you feel like you’ve been whisked away to an underground Toyko club for the night.

Maho Magic Bar is running until Sunday, March 19 in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Get your tickets here.

Five stars *****