FRINGE REVIEW 2023: Maho Magic Bar (Garden of Unearthly Delights)

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2023 kicks of with a bang and a delicious Bahn Mi!

With grace and gratitude, we celebrate over 40 years of Adelaide Fringe Festival and whilst no longer being c**k blocked by COVID we can finally dance like everyone is watching!

After 40+ years of Adelaide Fringe (birthed in the groovy 1960’s) we are now at a place of widdling down shows into categories of what to see and what not to see….

On that note – let me be the first to say, Maho Magic Bar is a MUST SEE at this year’s Adelaide Fringe!

Some of Japan’s GREATEST magicians ban together to serve you up some world class MAHO (Japanese for ‘magic’).

A (cherry) blossoming production full of wonderment, nostalgia and something that brings out the childlike spirit in all of us… Whist serving us some very adultlike spirited cocktails of course!

Maho Magic Bar is an experience like nonother at Adelaide Fringe Festival with its unique translation to your generic magic show. Maho Magic Bar offers you a surplus of magicians that boast their own individual flavour and take on sleight of hand.

Sure, you’ve seen card tricks and balloon animals before – but have you ever seen them then being deep-throated, swallowed and eaten?

Go see Maho Magic Bar immediately! Take your friends, take your colleagues, take your enemies and more importantly take photos because you categorically do – not – want – to – miss – this.

I’ll see you there and please order me a Yuzu Iced Tea if you do because Long Island’s just went out of fashion!

Kickass and Kawaii!

5 Stars