Adelaide Fringe Review: Mansion, Gluttony, 2023

MANSION self-described as a spine tingling, gothic fusion of dance, circus & burlesque.

I almost feel blasphemous saying this, but MANSION was good…. but it wasn’t ORACLE or MATADOR good.

BASS FAM CREATIVE presented incredible numbers such as ORACLE and MATADOR but unfortunately, MANSION fell slightly flat for me. Scary? Slightly Creepy? Sure! Amazing – no.

I will say, however, this is only when you have such phenomenal comparisons to the likes of MATADOR and ORACLE. The bar was set incredibly high by BASS FAM CREATIVE and on the backs of their predecessors MANSION flailed by comparison.

All the delights to the senses were still very much alive (amongst the theme of death) such as pearl clutching ariel artistry and triumphant dance numbers that gave you all the good feels.

What fell short, unfortunately, was it was backed by some fairly flimsy and unconvincing story telling. It felt as though the concept of a ‘Haunted House Production’ came first and then the story was developed around that. It was disjointed and somewhat hard to follow.

MANSION was like Adelaide Fringe Pornography – the content was very enjoyable, but the storyline didn’t seem to matter so much. Which is fine! There isn’t anything wrong with that, but it felt like the plot points served as a way to validate a dance number. Which, by the way, were the beautiful elements that made MANSION! The father son dance was particularly moving.

I liked MANSION – but I liked ORACLE and MATADOR more.

If you weren’t aware of BASS FAM CREATIVE’s other productions, you might find MANSION a fantastic stand alone show but if you’re like me and a huge fan of their other work you might too find MANSION a bit of a head scratcher.

The last piece of advice I really wish to leave you with is that it isn’t worth buying the VIP ($85) or IMMERSIVE ($88) experience. You will get just as much out of MANSION from the ‘cheap seats’ ($75). If you can, however, try and situate yourself at the front and not the sides. The show is designed to present to all sides and corners of the room however, there were quite a few parts to the show that I wasn’t able to see due to being sat to the right-hand side of the stage.

You could present this show with just the dance numbers alone or as isolated features and you would enjoy it in equal measure.

I adore you BASS FAM CREATIVE and MANSION was great, but it just felt a little undercooked and perhaps could have used a bit more time in the workshop however, I’m sure there will be plenty of you who disagree with me! Go and decide for yourself….

4 Stars.