Adelaide Fringe Review: Creme De La Creme, Fool’s Paradise, 2023

If you’re looking for a circus variety show, Crème de la Crème has got you covered. Set within the newly established Fool’s Paradise in Victoria Square in The Vault tent and presented by Head First Acrobats, it’s a smorgasbord of talent.

MCed by Head First’s cheeky Cal Harris, we are introduced to a bevy of performers each showcasing their unique skillset, with some unusual segues between some acts – balloon RAT test anyone?

To kick things off with a bang, a woman flips and twirls multiple hoops to an energetic beat to great amazement by the onlookers. There’s audience interaction with a comedy act involving candles, cleverly soundtracked to “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles.

Balls are bounced, aerial silks are climbed and tumbled on to gasps by the crowd, a giant hoop is spun upon – all one after the other in a flurry of performances.

One highlight included a male and female acro-balance act where the gender roles were reversed. It was refreshing to see a female taking the lead strength role in the act and carrying the weight of her male companion while spinning on the ropes. The comedic narrative of the act also had the crowd getting raucous.

The show ended on a high with a hilariously crude magician absolutely slaying the audience and performing some impressive sleight of hand. One poor woman (who had previously been called out either in the act) decided to leave halfway through, and the magician rightly called her out on it, to rapturous effect.

While not having a storyline, Crème de la Crème is recommended for those who want a bit of everything circus has to offer and who enjoy a good laugh.

Crème de la Crème is showing at The Vault in Fool’s Paradise until Saturday, March 18. Get your tickets here.

Four stars ****