Parenting & war: a Comedy of Terrors at Adelaide Fringe

Two-time Raw Comedy state finalist Vida Slayman is is heading to Adelaide Fringe with her debut solo show Comedy of Terrors.

A regular performer on the Adelaide comedy circuit, Vida’s show offers an extended experience of her usual hilarity, whip-smart commentary and razor-sharp comedy.

Through deft story-telling and joke-weaving, Comedy of Terrors chronicles Vida’s early childhood in war-torn Beirut and crime-ridden San Francisco, before landing with a soft thud in Adelaide.

Hankering for a bit of excitement in early twenties, Vida bought an around-the-world ticket, promising to return to Adelaide in 12 months.

Twenty years later, middle-aged and brandishing a husband and two children (all hers, she’s pretty sure), she’s back.

“It turns out there are a lot of similarities between having kids, living through war, and becoming middle-aged,” she says. “And not all of them positive. Comedy of Terrors isn’t about minimising the terrors of war, but rather emphasising the constant terror of raising children. My main aim is to make my audience laugh. I hope they’ll come away feeling uplifted, and recognise their own experiences in the stories I tell.”

In 2022, Vida Slayman performed in No Man’s Land, a show featuring the female finalists of the 2021 Raw Comedy state final.  

Comedy of Terrors will play at the Rhino Room from February 28 to March 4 at 5.45pm. Tickets are available here.