Adelaide Fringe Review: Duotheism – A Dark Sound Bath, The Lab, 2023

A place of calm, and thoughtfulness in a month filled with loud shows, colours and noises. Angellis Taliuu slows his audience down for an hour of immersion in ‘solfeggio’ frequencies which are said to offer a range of physical and mental health benefits, helping to synchronise brain waves to bring about a deep state of relaxation.

The pairing of Angellis Taliuu and The Lab was a perfect match with the state-of-the-art LED screens projecting imagery mainly focused on nature and the human form Angellis was able to successfully explore the concept of DUOTHEISM, which is the belief in two deities of equal and opposing forces.

Through the imagery of red, deep sounds and visual depictions of blood, volcanoes and women in stress Angeillis was able to depict opposing forces to calm landscapes, melting snow, flowers and butterflies which come in waves for the audiences to immerse in before changing mood and soundscapes. 

It was a wonderful show to watch the audience as most drifted into meditative states, allowing the perfectly harmonious sound and the immersion of the 360 imagery that drifted between tense and calm.

Duotheism – A Dark Sound Bath was at The Lab Thursday 2nd of March Friday 3rd of March

3.5 Stars

By Merinda Edwards