Adelaide Fringe Review: Rouge Goes Rogue – Gluttony, 2023

Rouge Goes Rogue is sort of like – Rouge’s intoxicated cousin who’s equally as talented, equally as ambitious but a little more prone to drunk and disorderly behaviour and not shy of a well-orchestrated wardrobe malfunction!

Rouge Goes Rogue in my humble opinion plays second fiddle to our well-worn and adored vintage Rouge. Now, don’t get me wrong – Rouge does, in fact, Go Rogue and it’s an enjoyable sight to behold however, you’re missing the sophistication, elegance and ‘awe’ of its predecessor.

I do get that Rouge Goes Rogue is conceptually intending to “unbutton it’s shirt” and “let it’s hair down” but it’s forgoing what makes Rouge (OG) so valiant and composed in the process.

At the end of the day however, we’re not here to necessarily just compare Rouge Goes Rogue to Rouge however, they are both representatives of the Rouge franchise so let’s face it – if you’re familiar with Rouge (deservedly so) and therefore, wanted to take a peek at their latest production then you’re naturally going to do so.

Rouge Goes Rogue as a standalone show is certainly enjoyable but you’re probably less likely to encounter something ‘new’ particularly with the recent influx of cabaret meets circus productions floating about Adelaide Fringe over the past five years.

My plus one and I had differing opinions on the Rouge VS Rouge Goes Rogue (ongoing) debate. She boasted Rouge Goes Rogue as the key hitter, and I disagreed stating that the true star remains to be “Rouge: the origin story” …

When I enquired as to her reasoning, she explained that Rouge Goes Rogue has something special to offer to those on a ‘night out’ looking for a pump up show to enjoy. Very true, Rouge Goes Rogue is, in itself, a party to attend. Rouge Goes Rogue is like Rouge’s fist-pumping cousin who’s making lewd and suggestive motions with the balloon animals.

The debate continues…however, in conclusion, if you’re new to the world of Rouge I would advise to start right at the sweet spot and see Rouge first and then perhaps grab some friends on a high-tempo night out and see Rouge Goes Rogue.

Rouge is haunting and beautiful. Rouge Goes Rogue maintains a lot of the talent and execution however, I felt like some of the magic was lost in translation the day that Rouge went Rogue.

4 Stars.

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