Adelaide Fringe Review: The Audreys – GOUD, 2023

Playing to a devoted audience, The Audreys Led by founding member and sultry songstress Taasha Coates delivered an enrapturing performance.

With only an hour to cover an extensive song collection, from Taasha’s solo album and The Audreys, the newly formed touring band was effortless in delivering an enchanting show, you couldn’t help but dance in your seat as the band delivers a performance that Audreys fans, or any music aficionado could appreciate.  

The relationship between the band, most notably Taasha and Tom Kneebone was a joy to watch, the talented guitarist/banjo player was effortlessly able to match the energy and engagement of Taasha, and bass payer Flik Freeman was also able to hold her own as a backing singer and, of course, taking the ‘hot girl blonde spot’ as well. It was also moving for the devoted audience to also take a moment at the end of the show with a cover song for founding member and guitarist Tristan Goodall.

Taasha’s smooth, sultry voice takes you through a journey of death, heartbreak and life stories, seamlessly taking you from thoughtfulness to laughter, through elegant lyrics and hauntingly realist songwriting that connects and uplifts the audience. This show was a joy to watch.

This show was a one-only at – The Box, Garden of Unearthly Delights March 3rd

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5 Stars

Reviewed by Merinda Edwards