Adelaide Fringe Review: Cool Mum, The Howling Owl, 2023

In her red and white polka dot dress, neatly styled hair and makeup, Jo Ghastly initially gives off the image of a 50’s housewife, but in her stand-up comedy show she shows not just what it takes to be a Cool Mum, but cool in general.

Set upstairs at the Howling Owl, the comedy set takes the form of a self-help seminar, complete with slides offering advice on all things cool-related. I mean, as a mother with teenagers isn’t she the expert?

Ghastly teaches us about dabbing, TikTok dances, Fortnite and more sprinkled with anecdotes on her family, mainly her teenage children.

There’s clever audience interactivity throughout, with Ghastly taking selfies with each of those she brings up on stage.

The use of multimedia works well with the seminar format, with inspirational messages on how to improve your parenting and video clips of how to interpret teenage grunts, there are many hilarious takeaways for everyone whether you’re a parent or not.

At each end of the show, Ghastly runs her sophisticated “cool-o-meter” to test the levels of cool pre and post her informative seminar, so just how cool are you?

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**** Four stars