Adelaide Fringe Review: An Artist & An Acrobat, Gluttony

In the intimate space of the Ukiyo tent in Gluttony, duo Sam Matthewman (the artist) and Emily Loe (the acrobat) created an ephemeral experience to a packed audience.

Musing on their respective journeys in the art and circus fields, Matthewman and Loe see-sawed between relaying their story and holding a handstand in place. It was a captivating way to start the performance and set the tone for the rest of the show.

As a talented ceramicist, Matthewman’s sculptures adorned the stage. A group of elbow sculptures were meticulously placed between two plinths for him to travel across without touching the floor in a nail-biting scene.

Loe showed off her impressive acrobatics, flipping and tumbling to the soundtrack which was made up of all local musicians’ tracks. Her specialty was in bounce juggling where she truly flexed her circus muscles.

An Artist & An Acrobat is show for everyone, and in between the balancing acts and feats of strength there were moments of reflection. A particular scene involving the breaking of ceramics was especially poignant.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for these gifted performers, this feels like the beginning of a illustrious career steeped in a passion for both art and circus.

You can find more information about An Artist & An Acrobat here.

**** Four stars.