TAKE FIVE: The Dave Brubeck Story marks 10-year anniversary for CabFringe

Brendan Fitzgerald Quartet returns to CabFringe with their popular recreation of the world of iconic jazz musician Dave Brubeck celebrating a decade since the show’s debut.

Playing at Diverse-City Saturday 27 May and Saturday 3 June, the show is set to take audiences on a cool jazz trip through the 50s and 60s.

Pianist and producer Brendan Fitzgerald narrates Brubeck’s story at the piano with a projected montage of images and clips from the star’s life and times.

Channelling Jimmy Lyons, a jazz radio presenter who helped launch Dave’s career, Brendan is joined by Peter Raidel an accomplished alto saxophonist, Steve Todd on drums and Quinton Dunne on double bass.

“This is the type of show than transports the audience back to a time when popular music was sophisticated, allowing them to live those moments in the present,” Brendan says.

Take Five remains the highest-selling instrumental recording of all time and Dave Brubeck was a tireless advocate for human rights and racial integration, making his story an important one to keep telling.

“This show features four top-notch musicians performing some of the most important music from the cusp of the rock jazz milieux,” Brendan says. “This will be a tenth anniversary return event in the same venue (formerly The Promethean) for our show, originally launched at the 2013 Cabaret Fringe Festival. This year also occurs in the tenth year following Brubeck’s passing.”

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