If you’re out and about enjoying the 18th annual Feast Festival, you should probably pop along to the Colonel Light Hotel where magic happens all year round.

Hosted by Adelaide’s iconic showgirl, Vonni Watkins each Sunday, Vonni’s Big Arvo is an evening of laughs, dance, theatre and sass.

Performed by some of the state’s best drag queens and dancers, the theatrical part of the evening is always a thing to behold and the latest show is no exception.

IMG_0258Entr’Acte is Malt Biscuit’s (A.K.A. Anania Tikoilomadra) opus; the latest in a collection of creative and poignant pieces offered by one of our most popular performers.

Meaning ‘a break in the show’, Entr’Acte is based on an idea Malt had from seeing the latest Step Up film.

“I took myself on a date night to Step Up All In. I loved that whole concept and it reminded me of the Bring it On movie where towards the end they were piecing together their routines and they used various dance forms,” she said.

Using dance, props, chairs, themes and images, the show is a narrative in two parts with a half hour break in between.

“The first show is based around a dance rehearsal where the piece is created. We use props like chairs and fans, and we use Marilyn Monroe, the iconic image from The Seven Year Itch,” Malt said.

“In the second half we perform the number to a different soundtrack, and all the elements you see in the first half appear in the second half so the routine is broken up and re-pieced together to become a completely new piece.”

Vonni’s Big Arvo is always an excellent opportunity to have a drink, catch up with friends, enjoy a show and cop some sass from Vonni from the stage.

The half hour break between the two acts is a standard structure to the night and gives the revellers an excuse to take advantage of the cheap drink specials.

Besides, for this show, in between the acts (or entr’acte, if you will), Malt has to get into full drag so the half hour will be crucial for the team!

“I’m the only drag queen in this show and I work with four professional dancers. Rochelle has kindly leant her boys out so we have Paul Lukovich and Konstanz Symeonakis from Mars Bar, and two girls: Angela Carr and Jess Chadwick,” she said.

“In the first half, I perform as a boy and everyone is in minimal makeup and then during the break in the show (hence why it’s called Entr’Acte), I then get dragged up and the kids get into hair and makeup. There’s only half an hour for this magic to happen.”

The music for the show is a mash up of songs, and the second act soundtrack has been mixed by Claire Mydia.

Opening on the 23rd November and closing on the 30th of November, the show will begin at 8:15 with the second act beginning at 9:15. Tickets are $5.00 at the door and there are specials at the bar all evening.

While Entr’Acte will only last a fortnight, Vonni’s Big Arvo is on weekly and features Adelaide legends like Malt Biscuit, Octavia (pre her promotion/defection to Sydney) and many other stalwarts and up and coming performers.

Come along and feast on the festive season in style.

By Libby Parker