We’re all just looking to have a laugh, but apart from those four weeks in February/March when the cup of comedy doth runneth over, do you know where to get your giggle fix?

As well as touring comedians, Adelaide’s comedy scene has a plentiful supply of local artists, as well as a range of opportunities to get involved.

10934384_10152685176136794_485327755_nOne man who knows what’s going on in the funniest parts of our city is Ross Vosvotekas who runs a couple of popular comedy gigs.

“Adelaide’s comedy scene is quite vibrant,” Ross says. “There’s several gigs open to emerging comics who want stage time, operating on a grassroots level.”

“There’s One Mic Stand, open mic comedy at Rhino Room, Cranker Comedy; along with Adelaide Comedy’s rooms.”

The nights that Ross hosts, and is primarily involved with though, are at The Ed Castle and The Crown and Anchor.

Cranka Comedy“Cranker Comedy features Adelaide’s emerging and established comedians, from performers who have been doing it less than six months to performers who have been doing it over 10 years,” Ross says

Ed Comedy“Lonely Soul is a variety show, which has music and comedy and sometimes poetry, magic and dance! Every show is different, and again it showcases Adelaide’s emerging and established performers.”

Having been a comedian for almost a decade, Ross is also a Fringe venue manager and has secured The Havelock for its debut as a Fringe venue in 2015.

“I’ve booked The Crown and Anchor Hotel for the fourth year in a row and I’ve also booked The General Havelock Hotel, which will be a first time Fringe venue,” he says.

Havey Comedy“I’m running two meal and show gigs at the Havey during Fringe. Havey La La is music and a meal, and Havey Ha Ha is comedy and meal. I also continue to run Lonely Soul and Cranker Comedy during Fringe.”

havey haha

Cranker Comedy is free to attend but they are run via donation; audience members are encouraged to leave a donation at the end to support the show.

With free entry and specials on food and drink, it seems a crime not to be supporting our local comedy scene.

“I want the gigs to be as accessible as possible and open comedy (in relation to Cranker Comedy) and entertainment (in regards to Lonely Soul) to new and different kinds of audiences,” Ross says.

“Cranker Comedy has happy hour prices 9pm-12am on Tuesday nights and The Ed Castle offers a range of meals from their famous $10 menu. Lonely Soul is a dinner show with people seated and dining during the entertainment.”

If you’re hanging for a laugh, or you’d like to get involved with comedy in Adelaide, get in touch with Ross Vosvotekas via Facebook.

Story by Libby Parker

Photos courtesy of Ross Vosvotekas