Grant Busé talks about sex, baby, he talks about all the good things and the bad things while he sings some very funny songs accompanied by acoustic guitar.

Taking up a late night slot at The Bally at Gluttony, The Late Night Sexy Show With Grant Busé is a great end to your night (or start, if you know what I mean?).Grant

Grant has written a series of original songs about sex, sexiness, and well, just sex, really.

But there are many, um, areas to explore with that topic, many stories to tell and jokes to make; so the subject matter is endless, which keeps the show moving along at an engaging pace.

Grant asks some intimate questions of the audience, and in turn, shares his own secrets and stories, all while intermittently removing his clothing.

For a while there, burlesque dominated the Festival, so it’s refreshing to see a different form of sexy musical comedy, which is set to some intelligently written songs.

Grant is very funny, an excellent musician, and it doesn’t hurt that he is incredibly attractive; he has a great voice and terrific comic timing.

The show relies on crowd participation and interaction, so it’s best to go along with a sense of fun and an open mind; Grant is disarming and genuine, with a very warm approach.

The Late Night Sexy Show With Grant Busé is a good, fun, sexy time so grab your friends, grab a drink and head to the Bally.

He’s on every Friday and Saturday night until the end of Fringe Festival. Tickets through Fringetix

4 stars

Reviewed by Libby Parker