One of the most important lessons kids can learn is how to rock out; it’s pretty much up there with reading, writing and breakdancing.

This year, husband and wife cabaret duo Fashionably Late intend to teach that lesson, ForKids2which is also just an awesome excuse to sing some rock anthems and have a great time.

Over the past few years, Libby Parker and Matt Trainor, have enjoyed putting together music comedy shows for adults at the Fringe and Cabaret Fringe Festivals, but this year they are doing it for the kids.

Starring Matt’s daughters, Niamh (8) and Keeley (5), For Kids About to Rock is an all singing, all dancing rock fest with songs parents will recognise, and a party kids will want to join.

“My daughters were always a little disappointed that they couldn’t come along to our late night cabaret shows,” explains Matt. “So we thought we’d put together a show specifically for that age group. They had plenty of ideas, so they became the centre of the show. They’re pretty happy with that!”

“It’s very cool that there’s so much on offer now for kids and families, and we’re excited contribute to that. We are both school teachers, and we know from our own household how much children respond to music, so we’ve made that the focus of the show. Also, we get to sing heaps of our favourite songs loudly and dance like idiots.”

For Kids About to Rock promises an interactive celebration of rock music. “Rock’n’roll is loud and fun, and it makes you want to dance,” says Matt. “It’s perfect for a kids, who respond to music at a very instinctive level.”

“We’ve paired the music up with some simple dances and a range of interactive activities,” Libby explains. “In our show everyone gets to be a rock star, so kids will have a lot of fun and the parents will get a good dose of Jovi and Bowie.”

Niamh and Keeley spend time between their mum’s place at Seaview Downs and their dad and step-mum’s at Millswood, and they go to school at Christ the King at Warradale.

The girls are super excited about their Fringe Festival debut, but don’t take our word for it, watch the video to hear their thoughts about it:

And check out the family band performing Matt’s arrangement of Bob Evans’ ‘Don’t You Think it’s Time?’ at the link.

For Kids About to Rock will be performed only on Saturday 5th March at the Bluebee Room, Basement 131 Pirie St, with shows at 12pm and 2pm.

Bookings can be made through FringeTIX.