Why would I want to see an act called ‘Aunty Donna’? I thought when I was offered to chance to review this show. After watching a few sketches on YouTube I was laughing and after 10230_AuntyDonna_EFUL_GUIDEseeing this fast-paced high energy 60 minute show live the question I should be asking, dear reader, is why would you not go to see this show?

On an extremely hot and humid Saturday night, it was nice to be sitting in Cinema 9 at Palace Nova. Maybe not as attractive, in setting, as the Garden of Unearthly Delights but 100% more comfortable in seating, air conditioning and no outside noise – great venue!

This show is not for the faint of heart. The act is high octane and fast-paced from start to finish. From the very first sketch mocking the Australian tourism commercials, Aunty Donna (comedians Mark, Zach and Broden from Victoria and with a highly successful YouTube channel) set the tone with their singing, dancing and audience participation.

The show does not let up and I kept wondering ‘where’s the dud sketch?’ To my thorough enjoyment, it did not arrive. I lost count of the number of sketches, songs and dances they crammed into the hour but it was a tightly packed show. We jumped from medium John Edwards, to Masterchef, to the incredibly juvenile and silly Mr. Whoopee, jumping around from sketch to sketch without letting the audience get their breath back.

Why should you go see an act called Aunty Donna? Because it is probably the funniest show you will see at the Fringe this year!

5 stars

Reviewed by Shane Berketa