Melbourne comedian, Nick Cody provided a light-hearted, fun, entertaining show in
Come and Get Some. The Palace Nova was an air conditioned delight on a hot muggy Adelaide night. It provided a relaxed, cool and intimate atmosphere.

10257_NickCody_EFUL_GUIDENick began the show by introducing his love of gangster rap, with Cedric Gervais’ music setting the tone for the following stories reflecting the plight of a 28-year-old Australian male. Much of the show was about some of the daily struggles and dilemmas Nick faces. His love for national pastimes of beer drinking and watching sport also featured throughout.

This was a lighthearted, witty reflection of life in your 20s. Nick talks about everything from the shame of renewing your L’s as an adult, debating private versus public education, to negotiating relationships with a mind reading girlfriend. Towards the end he spoke of his experience in Afghanistan, which added some depth to his character.

Nick Cody – Come Get Some is a funny, well-structured show with laughs throughout! Grab your tickets through Fringetix.

Reviewed by Michelle Place

3.5 stars