Bob Evans (AKA Kevin Mitchell, AKA Jebediah frontman) is set to release a new album, Car Boot Sale on June 17, with pre-order available from May 25.

The title of the new record is a suitable nod to the physical and metaphorical journey Kevin Mitchell has undertaken to bring us the folk pop virtuosity that is Bob Evans.

In 2003, Kevin launched Suburban Kid, his debut solo album as Bob Evans, with a desire to do something acoustic away from the revelry and popularity of four-piece Perth mega-success Jebediah.

The album sold gold and won him an ARIA; a path of success he continued with Suburban Songbook and Goodnight, Bull Creek!.

2013’s Familiar Stranger attracted more critical acclaim and saw Kevin taking Bob Evans around the country, driving himself to gigs and selling his own merch after shows.

Admitting that each record is a response to the last, we now look forward to Car Boot Sale, which might be Kevin’s way of paying homage to the travelling salesman-style trek of his 2013 tour.

Car Boot Sale is a concise, ten-track record with lyrics immersed in universal themes of love, family and home plus wider concerns: shock jocks, climate change deniers and bullying.

“A lot of these songs were a work-in-progress for two years,” Kevin says, before adding: “Maybe I’m not very disciplined…”

You can pre-order Car Boot Sale from May 25 ahead of the album’s release on June 17.