After the success of his two man show, Zach and Tom: Best Friends, Zach Zucker returns to Adelaide Fringe with Zach & Viggo: Thunderflop.


Performing at Campanile at Garden of Unearthly Delights for the duration of Adelaide Fringe, Zach & Viggo: Thunderflop was winner of Best Comedy and Critics Choice Award at Brighton Fringe and promises to be an absurd trip through their wild imagination and into the deepest, darkest depths of stupidity through, a series of surreal and free-flowing vignettes.

If that’s not enough on his plate, Zach, who was born in New York and brought up in Chicago, is also performing his solo show, Human Person, which he has been developing from his home base in L.A, to be played at The Niche and The Nook at Producers Bar.

Human Person has been described as ‘a cosmic, psychosexual buffet being generated and eaten live in the moment’ which sounds pretty rad,” he says. “It’s a mixture of mime, physical comedy and real-life cartoons, which will hopefully make the audience laugh, cry and wonder if anything was on purpose or all one big accident.”

Zach Zucker is returning to Adelaide for Fringe 2017 (photo: Bruce Allen)

Having performed in Adelaide in 2016, Zach got to know our fair city quite well and is looking forward to heading back for some of the finer things in Adelaide: theatre and tacos.

“[I’m] ready to get back on the Zambrero and Dumplings R Us health kick. Last year, I enjoyed meeting performers from all over the world that have since become my best friends,” he says. “Adelaide is one of the only festivals that’s big enough to reach crazy international artists from all walks of life, yet small enough for all of us to really get to know each other. The Fringe Club is responsible for some of my best and most dangerous friendships to date, and I look forward to reuniting with them and causing as much chaos as possible.”

Chaos is also sure to ensue in Zach & Viggo: Thunderflop, which the Gaulier trained actor performs with his Norwegian comedy partner.

“We’ve been touring this show for the past eighteen months and have sold out shows and won awards at Second City in Chicago, Comedy Central in LA and Underbelly at Edinburgh Fringe,” Zach says.

“The best part about Zach & Viggo is when Viggo tells a real-life monologue about the time he hung out in Aspen with NBA-legend, Larry Bird in a hot tub.”

Not to be outdone on a crazy story though, Zach told us about a recent adventure he had recently had in London, that we probably shouldn’t publish for reasons that will soon become obvious.

“In the middle of Neal Portenza’s show in London this past September, an employee of the venue left a cheeseburger and a basket full of chips at the back of the room because she couldn’t find who ordered them. The food sat there for about fifty minutes before I decided to save the environment and eat the food (because I’m not going to let it go to waste), before stuffing the evidence under a couch,” he says.

“At the end of the show, the manager came upstairs and asked if we knew anything about the food, to which Josh (Neal) and I replied ‘no’ and slowly slid down the stairs. We stayed for a post-show drink (bad move) and the manager approached me several times asking if I was sure I didn’t know anything about the food. We eventually left because the trail was too hot and I managed to get away clean. Josh told me afterwards that the manager was looking at CCTV footage for any proof but I was miraculously blocked by a pole in the back of the venue while I ate the food. Good thing there’s nothing out there that could get me in troub-“

Now that’s out in the open and we all feel much better about it, Zach says he’s also looking forward to his Adelaide return because he loves Australian audiences and also Tom Walker.

“Australians are all sick and up for literally anything. I love Aussie audience because they’re the only group of people that have the potential to take things farther than the performers. And as someone who’s building his career on the foundation of ‘pushing boundaries’ I always come back from Australia with the spirit of a true wild card,” he says.

“Australian sensation, Tom Walker of Whose Line Is It Anyway? told me he was my biggest fan and that I was his comedic muse. Naturally I autographed his leg which he then tattooed with a stick-and-poke. It looks pretty good. I am currently writing this from his couch in Sydney while he makes us oatmeal for breakfast. Such a good boy.”

Grab tickets to Zach & Viggo Thunderflop HERE and Human Person HERE.

By Libby Parker

Photos supplied