In a world premiere, exclusive to Adelaide, What If is a new, original show by writer, director and performer Mahalia Marr-Mashei.

An innovative theatre piece using acting, movement, voice and music to convey crucial events that shape the life of protagonist, Maya, the production with a local cast and crew, performed at Tandanya is set to intrigue and captivate.

Mahalia says she based the show on events from her own life and the story grew from there.

“I wanted to create something different, original and daring that was based on an idea sparked by personal experience,” she says.

“It has since taken form and evolved into a really ‘out there’ theatre piece incorporating original music, dance and acting. My intention is to tell a story using the theatre context that communicated the impact of our individual choices have on the trajectory of our lives.”

Award winning, internationally recognised, Adelaide based composer Justin Pounsett joins Mahalia and Kelly O’Brien, along with graduate of Drama Studio London and nominee of British Academy Film Award nominee William Mellor.

They are accompanied by Felicity Boyd, Mieke Kriegesvelt and Larissa Simpson who express the narrative through dance.

What If will show at Tandanya Theatre (253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide), from March 1-5 inclusive. Book your tickets HERE.