Tangled Adulthood is surreal piece of physical theatre, with live music and sound, which explores what can happen when childlike curiosity takes over our perception being an adult.

Directed and performed by physical theatre specialist Stephanie Osztreicher, accompanied by the musical talents of Josh Mitchell, Tangled Adulthood made its debut at The Butterfly Club during the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Reworked for its Adelaide Fringe debut, the show promises to be funny, dark, beautiful and grotesque, where the mundane everyday turns into a tangled dream as a woman takes a curious journey into a parallel universe where anything is possible.

Choreographed by Australian Ballet School graduate Kyle Davey, Tangled Adulthood is a unique look inside the inevitability of growing up.

Tangled Adulthood will play at Tuxedo Cat (1-10 Franklin St, Adelaide) February 23-28. Grab your tickets HERE.