Celebrating the life and music of Peter Allen, Matthew Hadgraft is making his Adelaide Fringe debut with Peter Allen Live in Inverted Commas.

Presented by Faff and Sass productions, Peter Allen Live in Inverted Commas pays homage to the legend who won a place in so many hearts.

Performer Matthew Hadgraft says the show will take you back to when you first heard those songs and how they made you feel.

“I want [the audience] to feel and remember all of the feels, all of the glad times and where they were at the time they heard Peter Allen’s music. I think people will know these songs and have some kind of a feeling attached to them. But also, I just want them to get caught up in it, really. The songs are like a nice, warm bath, I think,” he says.

Director and Producer, Rhylee Nowell is a self-confessed Peter Allen fanatic and is looking forward to bringing the show to Adelaide.

“I’m a huge Peter Allen fan, like, bigger than big,” she laughs. “I actually directed a production of Boy From Oz about seven years ago, and that’s how I met Matthew. He auditioned and became my Peter Allen, and so it’s a mutual love of Peter Allen. We  developed this show because my one thing in life is to remind people and tell people about Peter’s music and bring that to people because I think it’s just fabulous. A lot of times, people hear a song and they go, ‘Oh, Peter Allen wrote that. I didn’t know that.’ So a lot of his music is in our vernacular, even for people who didn’t know he did it. This is just a bit of a joyous tribute to him that’s very funny, and sad.”

While Rhylee is a die-hard fan, Matthew’s interest in Peter Allen is fairly recent, but he is now a devotee, spreading the word to the people.

“I kind of climbed into his music later in life and there’s just something about it that works no matter who listens to it,” Matthew says. “I think people tend to remember how flamboyant he was, but the more you delve, the more respect I ended up having for him.”

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