Aerobics gained worldwide popularity in 1982 with the release Jane Fonda’s game changing exercise videos.

Unfortunately Cheryl and Chardee weren’t born until the early 90s, but that hasn’t stopped them from embracing the art form in every facet of their life.

Giving audiences a raucous insight into the world of two semi-professional aerobics instructors stuck in 2018, longing for the simplicity of a 1980s world that lives only in their imaginations, Cheryl and Chardee are urging us to get sweaty with them.

Fringe veterans Alicia Norton and Mikayla Lynch combine their talents to bring two obscure yet endearing characters to life and we had a chance to chat with Alicia ahead of their Fringe season to find out what is so appealing about aerobics.

“I think for us, the costumes has been the biggest thing to sink our teeth into,” Alicia says. “And I reckon the stuff that the girls are wearing in the revival aerobics videos these days, is ten times more… interesting, I guess is the most polite word, than what they actually wore back in the day. I don’t think we’ll be quite pulling that off, but we’ll give it a red hot go.”

Performing at Raj House, Get Sweaty seeks to give audiences life skills and the confidence to get physical.

“More than anything, apart from the joy of dance, we’d like them to discover a few dance moves to take home for their own personal repertoires, whether that be out in public, or just behind closed doors,” Alicia says. “And everyone will get sweaty in our in our show, regardless of whether they decide to get involved or not, just thanks to the Adelaide weather.”

On that note, crowd participation is not mandatory, but it is encouraged.

“It’s completely optional, but there will certainly be opportunities throughout the show, if you feel the need to get up and boogie, to show us what you’ve got, or even to share your opinion on a few aerobics-related nuances,” Alicia says.

You can Get Sweaty with Cheryl and Chardee at Raj House by grabbing your tickets HERE.