Zigzag Circus returns to Adelaide Fringe with a late night pyjama party, delving Under the Covers to celebrate the art of the cover song.

The not for profit, Adelaide circus will perform to the best (and worst) cover songs of all time, which performer Nick Armstrong says is changing it up from last year’s instalment.

“We’ve got more of a storyline and better character development this time,” he says. “Last time it was really just loosely based on the idea that everybody had to perform to a cover version of a song and the centrepiece of our set really was just the bed. This time we’ve built upon that idea. It’s now set in a hotel, so it’s now a hotel bed, and we have bellboy and maid and guests and all those sort of things, people that you would find in a hotel.”

And while there is no shortage of circus acts at Adelaide Fringe, ZigZag are homegrown heroes devising productions as a team.

“We’re a local, Adelaide-based group, and the people performing in this show are students and a handful of trainers just coming together and sharing ideas and creating things together,” Nick says.

“Zigzag Circus is a community circus organisation. It’s was restructured last year to become a not-for-profit, so they’ve now got board members who run it and oversee it. We run adults classes from the Glengowrie YMCA and also in the city. We have aerial classes, silks, acrobatic classes, and we do general circus skills classes as well.”

Nick, who plays the Bellboy in Under the Covers is looking forward to getting out and about at the Fringe and being part of the atmosphere.

“I just love being out in the Fringe, seeing all the other performers and getting amongst it,” he says. “You kind of get an inside scoop, being a performer, getting to go backstage and hang out at the Fringe Club, and that sort of stuff. You get to obviously enjoy the Fringe just like everybody else, but to a higher degree, I guess, because you’re having so much fun and you’re riding that wave of performing and that high that you get. It’s a whole other level of enjoyment of the Fringe.”

You can support this local company and check out Under the Covers by grabbing your tickets HERE.