The patriarchy, the arts industry, and even her husband… no one is safe from Irene Nicola.

Bringing her vengeance to La Boheme, Irene is taking no prisoners in her Adelaide Fringe debut.

“I am getting really personal: family, my husband, and then it gets a bit more, I guess, esoteric, if you like. We’re talking about patriarchy, and just society in general. There’s a lot of gender politics sort of stuff that I lean towards, and the different things that can happen as a result,” she says.

“For example: the arts industry, as well. Why am I angry at the art’s industry? Because, the lack of pathways, and because of the imbalances, which leads into society imbalances, and gentrification of women, exploitation of people in general. It’s like, whatever’s going on with me, and my personal story, is echoed by millions of other people in different circumstances. This is just a cheeky little f*ck you to them.”

Exacting her revenge in a range of theatrical forms, Irene’s show is set to be a feast for the eyes and ears.

“It’ll be mainly bits and pieces of standup, and then a song, and then a burlesque number, and then a costume change, and  another song, or another standup section. Each section rolls on, and then splits. Whenever I go offstage, there’s a radio playing, which, normally is done just over the speakers, but I’m convincing my husband to come with me and do it live. Which, should have a different edge to it, if he’s in the room,” she says.

Irene wants her audience to walk away feeling supported and justified in their anger, but believes the most deserving recipients of that anger is men.

“I would love it if the audience laugh, but they also felt, I guess, that camaraderie that you get from the righteous anger that you feel, not the emptiness that you get from online outrage. More, like, ‘Yeah, girl power!’, or whatever,” she laughs.

“Men, in general [deserve the anger]. I would say men get the hard end of the stick there. I don’t hold back with men. My complaint, and it’s more wrapped up in the patriarchy, is that whole, why? Why is it so easy for you? Why don’t you get it when I say this? Why does it have to happen to you before you understand what’s going on? That idea.”

You can join Irene and feel her wrath, which promises to be funny, sexy and very sassy at La Boheme, so grab your tickets HERE.