Tash York is no stranger to Adelaide Fringe. She’s been here with These Things Take Wine, with The Desperettes, but this time she’s coming back all grown up (or not) with Adulting.

If you’ve ever been engaged at 19 or racked up parking fines worth a house deposit, then like cabaret queen Tash, you’ve probably not mastered “Adulting” –  the process of doing ‘grown-up’ things, like holding down a job, paying your bills on time, cooking dinner and doing your taxes.

Tash is about to reach the age of proper adulthood and has decided to sing about it so we thought she’d also like to chat about it.

“The whole reason I ended up going with this concept is because I’m about to turn 30 and all of my friends are getting married, buying houses, and having children. To me, these have always been the ‘adult’ things. Especially from my mum’s generation, where that was what you had to do: you have a good job, a good house, a husband and you have children. And that’s what happens. And I really noticed that me in particular, and a lot of people that I hang out with, we’re just not into it. We’re just not very good at it. We don’t want it a lot of the time,” she says.

“I think the rules have changed as to what is expected of you as an adult. But I think we’re this generation that’s kind of that tipping point of making up the norm now. In fact, we celebrate doing things which our parents just did because it’s normal to do. Like, I’ll celebrate washing my hair.”

Another self-devised piece, Adulting is similar to Tash’s 2016 show These Things Take Wine, but with a little more autobiography.

“It’s similar to, These Things Take Wine, but I think it’s a bit more of an excuse to take a cliché grownup approach to my cabaret because I’m actually me, rather than trying to be this drunk, character girl that I was in 2016, which was me – very extensive, brought out version of me, I guess – but this is more just me, sitting, having a chat and telling a few more personal stories,” she says. “A few things about my love life, which I never really got into that much in, These Things Take Wine. But a few interesting stories about an engagement when I was 19 and terrible boyfriends that have done terrible things over the years.”

“I’ve just been doing cabaret for longer now, so it just feels a lot more like an adult show rather than me just trying to use a whole bunch of concepts. Having a very frank relatable conversation with you, is essentially what the show is, obviously with heaps of the 90s bangers because if you’re talking about stuff that’s happened in your past, you’ve got to have the music that goes with it so, a lot of 90s songs. Also, lot of 80s rock songs and a Disney medley because all of our expectations came from Disney as a child.”

As a Fringe veteran, Tash is pleased to be coming back to Adelaide again in 2018 and is settling into the festival lifestyle over here.

“We’ve got such a family of performers, and I love just meeting all of the people, even people from the press, or people who run venues, or people who work behind the bar. Everyone is just awesome in Adelaide, so it’s just a really nice time. It’s like a family. You just kind of travel from place to place with this group of humans that you only sort of see in the summer holidays, and then you don’t see them for the rest of the year. It’s a very weird world. It’s great. I love it,” she says.

Tash York is playing for the first week of Fringe so grab your tickets fast because they will sell out!

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