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Trumpageddon is performer Simon Jay’s satire of the current President of the United States. While his impersonation was eerily spot on, for me the show didn’t contain enough material to sustain the hour length.

Held at Campanile in the Garden, the show was set up as an interactive campaign rally, with the premise of improving relations with the Australian people. He is aided in his mission by his secret service assistant Lara, who probably had the hardest job of all in trying to keep a straight face throughout the show.

The best parts of the show involved the interaction with the audience. The responses to audience questions were witty and Jay’s put-downs of audience members were so in character that you actually felt as though you were in the room with the real Donald Trump. Sometimes this was probably to his detriment though as you could see audience members reluctant to interact with such a reviled figure when certain parts of the show depended on it.

While Jay had Trump’s mannerisms and speech patterns down perfectly, I felt that the show ran out of ideas towards the end. Trump has been satirised so much that you need to almost write an amazing show to stand out. Trumpageddon had some really funny moments, however, I found the skits towards the end were more silly than funny, with the one involving the occult probably my least favourite. The ending also seemed out of step with the show we had seen preceding it and didn’t really work.

Trumpageddon is certainly worth a look just for Simon Jay’s impersonation alone. Despite its faults it’s still funny and worth seeing if you have a gap in your Fringe schedule. You never know, you might even get the opportunity to touch the president’s hair.

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3 stars

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By Tania Nicholas