Yummy is a drag show full of colour, style, and glamour, as well as amazing performances and a huge amount of fun.

Yummy is the newest show from the director involved with previous Fringe hits Briefs and Glory Box, already setting some lofty expectations before setting foot in the Box theatre. The colourful cast from Melbourne run through high-energy group and individual performance pieces with zest, with so much going on there is absolutely no time for the audience to get bored.

Hosted by Karen from Finance, each performer had the opportunity to shine with performances tailored to highlight individual talents, whether it be tap-dancing to metal music, hula-hooping, singing, or choreography set to very un-PG songs. Karen was a charismatic and witty host, with her gag about Adelaideans shopping in Melbourne perhaps ringing too true.

The music chosen for each performance was mostly dance, with some well-known pop songs that had some inspired prop choices for sight gags. It’s hard to pick a highlight from the show as I found myself laughing or cheering the whole way through, however, if I had to narrow it down to a few, then perhaps the sandwiches routine, the money routine, and, if push came to shove, maybe the best bit was Beni Lola’s rendition of The Rose.

I enjoyed Yummy so much that while I was watching the final group performance I got so caught up in it I actually almost started dancing in my chair. If you like drag shows full of fun and theatre, make sure to check out Yummy. But definitely leave the children at home.

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5 stars

By Tania Nicholas