Skilfully written by Patricia Cornelius, In The Club, presented by State Theatre Company of SA ensemble and directed by Geordie Brookman and Suzannah Kennett Lister is an important story and it’s about time it was told.

In the wake of the #timesup and #metoo movements, In The Club is timely, compelling, crucial viewing.

Dealing with the very real issues of rape culture, misogyny, mob mentality and victim blaming, particularly in sports clubs, the script is powerful from beginning to end and drives home its intended message with the required impact.

Annie (Miranda Daughtry), Olivia (Rachel Burke) and Ruby (Anna Steen) are our storytellers, relaying their experiences with ‘the club’ which could represent any male dominated society, really.

Sean (Dale March), James (Nathan O’Keefe) and Angus (Rashidi Edward) are the fellas whose bad behaviour under the guise of ‘boys will be boys’ is the catalyst for the tale.

Annie loves her footy team. They’re her boys. Ruby is a woman who knows what she wants. And Olivia is looking for love.

These characters could be found anywhere in real life, which is what makes this story so heart wrenching, poignant and important.

The set is unusual, but seemed to work well; the actors perform barefoot on a stage covered in water. But the lighting by Geoff Cobham and Chris Petridis, and music by Gazelle Twin really set the scene and enhance the drama of the production.

The ensemble work well together and deliver the script beautifully, but the stand out scenes are the women’s opening monologues and the final scene, where the words take shape through their powerful and utterly gripping performances.

In the Club deals with a difficult topic some would prefer we sweep under the rug by unashamedly pushing it right into the spotlight.

Bravo, State Theatre Company. Let’s have plenty more like this.

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