Promising a swirl of underwater tricks, flips and bubble kisses with the Mermaids of Adelaide, Mythic Mermaids is an interactive show perfect for people aged 2 years and up.

Marine Biologist Anastasia Claudio and her finned friends have put together the show as a way to engage young people with nature and the sea, and also to do what they love – swim with fins!

“Our show is a quick little children’s show about the brief history of mermaids, including themes of inclusivity for different people and different mermaids, as we come in different colours, different shapes and different fish,” she says. “It also deals with protecting the ocean and making sure it is nice and clean.”

Making its Fringe debut in 2019, Anastasia says the concept came about from being part of a mermaid group who swim together for fun.

“In the middle of last year, I decided I wanted to do a show, so I got together with a few other professional mermaids that live here, and a few others that I’ve swam with for years, and I pitched the idea to them, and they loved it,” she says.

The mermaids swim in a travelling tank while a pirate tells the narrative.

Anastasia says she wants kids to leave the show with a renewed sense of joy for the ocean and a little bit of magic.

“I want kids to never stop imagining, never stop believing. And to know that no matter who you are or what you look like, you’re all loved. I also want kids to have a love of the ocean, because they might see us there one day,” she says.

Mythic Mermaids is playing at Gluttony throughout Adelaide Fringe so get your tickets HERE.