Amity Dry’s Fortified is an ode to the performer’s recent struggles after her marriage breakdown, particularly as she navigates the tricky world of co-parenting, online dating and the reformation of identity within singledom.

Dry delivers her songs with passion, and her audience is enthralled; hanging on her every word. Her vocal performance is strong, and her searing ballads add to the emotion-filled journey she takes her audience on.

Dry looks fierce in her ‘Disney princess on duty ensemble’. Her shunning of the exaggerated skirt a metaphorical shredding of her own past life, as she tackles a new world post-marriage. Her lamentation of the grim reality that is Tinder is a highlight amongst the original songs.

Fortified is packed with great songs that resonate strongly with Dry’s audience; 90% women and many of whom have had their own dalliances with heartbreak and dissatisfaction. Fortified plays perfectly to this target audience, but perhaps in the process Dry’s show overlooks the others who are keen to draw something from her performance.

Dry takes the Disney stereotype and stomps all over it; doing it in a camouflage play suit and thigh high boots makes it all the more convincing. Yes, there may be parts of Fortified that are a tad self-indulgent, but Dry’s message of female empowerment, particularly in a society dogged by domestic violence, resonated strongly with her audience.

Fortified is certainly a crowd pleaser of this year’s Fringe season.

Fortified is playing at The Octagon until Saturday 24th February. Grab your tickets HERE.

3 and a half stars.

By Rachel Gould