Ruby Slipper Chronicles is American actress/performer Aurelie Roque’s show about her personal journey from Kansas to Australia, using The Wizard of Oz to metaphorically detail her experiences over the past six years. Using her enormous voice, Roque expertly crafts an entertaining show, inviting you into her life for sixty minutes of theatrical delight.

Held at The A Club in a converted theatre space, Roque stumbles her way through the audience dressed as Dorothy Gale and launches straight into song. The show alternates between story and song, with each song chosen to represent the particular part of the story that she has told at that point. Arriving in Australia while Kansas was experiencing a tornado, Roque then details the continuous life-imitating-art experiences she had after arrival. The stage set up includes her keyboardist Luke Volker, and the banter between the two during the show is a highlight.

There’s no doubt that Aurelie Roque has a show-stopping voice, filling every corner of the space with each song performed. The small, intimate setting of The A Club theatre space complemented the style of show perfectly, as you could see and feel Roque’s emotional journey close up with each song. When she said she missed her husband (or her Toto as she called him), you really believed it. There were also some great moments of self-deprecating humour, providing a great night of all-round entertainment.

Aurelie Roque achieves her aim of telling her story with warmth and humour, as well as using the land of Oz with great effect. Roque has a voice made to fill arenas – experience her in the intimate Ruby Slipper Chronicles before you will only be able to see her at a distance in big musical productions. The land of Aus has gained from Kansas’s loss.


4 Stars

Ruby Slipper Chronicles runs until Sunday 17th of February. Purchase tickets HERE.


By Tania Nicholas