Nikki Osborne – Bad Barbie is a stand-up show which is a combination of politically-incorrect humour, and funny and heartfelt moments talking about her family and life. With the central idea being that Osborne is Bad Barbie who tells it like it is, she takes a familiar product and has a great deal of fun messing around with its conventions.

Held at the intimate Piglet theatre at Gluttony, Nikki Osborne – Bad Barbie opens with a video showing Nikki Osborne and her friend as human Barbies trying to navigate the world with limbs that won’t bend. The situations depicted are quite funny and only gives a slight idea of what the audience is in for. As Osborne explains, the show title is a reaction to online trolls she encountered while promoting her last stand-up show, with a lot of the humour derived from the different types of Barbie that could possibly get a release in today’s society. This is mixed with video segments, as well as some stories derived from Osborne’s own life.

Nikki Osborne as a comedian could perhaps be best described as honest with a little bit bogan. That second bit is no way a criticism, as I would say Osborne knows exactly where her performance strengths lie and has written a show which caters to them, with the best example probably being the fact she reminds the audience several times after they cringe-laugh she is Bad Barbie, not Good Barbie. Osborne’s style is conversational, and it took her a little while to get the mid-week crowd into it, but once she did, she really relaxed into the show. The funniest and most heartfelt moments of the show were when Osborne got personal, discussing her family and brushes with inappropriate behaviour in the entertainment industry. The parts where she discusses her son were particularly funny and filled with warmth.

Nikki Osborne – Bad Barbie would probably work best with a Friday or Saturday night crowd who are ready for some back-and-forth with Osborne straight off the bat. Nonetheless, the show was still really funny and it’s a testament to Osborne’s skill that she was able to get more participation from the audience as the night went on. For some honesty wrapped in humour and a Barbie outfit, check out Nikki Osborne – Bad Barbie.

4 Stars

Nikki Osborne – Bad Barbie runs until Sunday 24th of February. Buy tickets HERE.


By Tania Nicholas