Domestic Disaster is the latest stand-up show from the award-winning Scottish comedian, Susie McCabe. Her show chronicles life after her ‘lesbian divorce’ (one far more interesting than just a standard ‘divorce’, according to McCabe’s mother), in which she had to move in with her parents at age 39. In the midst of heartbreak, McCabe tackles a whole new world of dating, and eventually, her own shortcomings in domesticity as she moves in with her new partner.

Right from the opening, McCabe was able to engage the crowd with her warmth and affability. Albeit a little too much, with one heckler taking audience participation to a new level, and swiftly being put in his place by the ‘no-nonsense’ Glaswegian.

McCabe’s tales of domestic woes resonated well with the audience. Once out of the blissful stage of her new relationship, McCabe’s new reality was plagued by broken appliances, the separation of colours resulting in multiple loads of laundry, and the mystique of the sacred ‘ironing water’; all had the audience in fits of laughter.

At times, however, McCabe’s show was a little disjointed – her stories of Domestic Disaster side-lined for a broader discussion of toxic femininity. This, twinned with McCabe’s Scottish colloquialisms, made her train of thought difficult to follow at points. That being said, her charm was endearing and her anecdotes completely relatable. For anyone who thinks there should be a universal ban on trolleys in the self-serve aisle, then this is the show for you!

Domestic Disaster is playing until March 16. Get your tickets HERE.

3.5 Stars

By Rachel Gould