Shake It has it all!

It’s got Burlesque, a little bit of circus, a little bit of ‘rough’, a touch of cabaret and a whole lot of sex appeal!

Minnie Andrew’s MCs the event – try to imagine if Betty Boop and Marilyn Monroe had a love-child who sang like an angel and cursed like a sailor.

Minnie’s very funny straight off the bat and interacts well with the crowd. She certainly knows her audience (a bunch of partygoers, p*ssheads and perverts)!

This show brings the absolute best of the Adelaide Fringe Festival’s burlesque, acrobat and circus performers into one hour of power that is – Shake It.

In case you missed out on seeing Rouge this year, fear not – as Shake It includes some of the best of Rough (Jessie and James’s stellar Trapeze act) as well as showcasing some other kooky and brilliant Fringe artists.

It is delightful to see burlesque royalty ‘Betty Bombshell’ perform her raunchy number involving a lot of glitter, guts and nipple tassels to bring the house down.

Minnie Andrews was able to keep the crowd engaged and en(gross)ed during each interval. Her singing ability, voice, gags and audience interaction provide a show of their own.

Other performers who graced the stage were Sara Twister or ‘The Rubber Lady’ as she’s also known who dazzled (and occasionally grossed out) the audience with her incredible ability to contort her body into positions that aren’t for the squeamish! Please go and see Shake It to find out what she can do with a bow and arrow…

Adam Malone lit up the stage with sex, glamour and a handful of hula hoops, making you want to jump out your seat and get a closer look as it was almost impossible to believe someone could be so acrobatically gifted and look that good doing it!

The best performer of the night however, had to be ‘The Maccas H*e’. I’ve never seen someone look so sexy whilst chowing down on a double-cheese! Me, drunk at 2am eating Maccas in the back of an Uber is a much different image than what this woman is offering. She made fast-food into an erotic artform. Fries were flying and chicken nuggets were in places one should never have chicken nuggets!

I would recommend Shake It to any fringe goer who’s not quite sure what show to go and see… A burlesque show? Circus? Singing and dancing? Go and see it all!

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4.5 Stars

By Daisy Sumersford