Girl Power Collective is a show from vocal trio, Becky Blake, Chloe Castledine and The Voice alumni Sarah Lloyde, which takes us on a journey through the highs and lows of life in a girl band.

Blake and Castledine play friends who are keen to start a pop group, but are in need of a third member. In walks Lloyde’s character who has ambitions far beyond the trio and is determined to be centre of attention.

From there, the Collective belt out one iconic girl band tune after another, starting with the Andrews Sisters, through to the Supremes, the Bangles, and more recently the Spice Girls and Little Mix. Interwoven with the hits is the story of the three girls which, at times, takes away from the entertainment of the musical numbers. The subplot of Blake’s character’s relationship with her dying mother somewhat dampens an otherwise upbeat mood.

The highlight was definitely the Sister Act medley, with the goose-bump inducing harmonies on ‘I Will Follow Him’ executed to perfection.

There can be no doubt, that all three performers are great vocalists, but the star is definitely Lloyde; her vocal gymnastics left her audience in awe.

The show concluded with The Weather Girls’ classic ‘It’s Raining Men’, and whilst it definitely got the crowd moving, I wonder if it did somewhat mitigate their overarching message of female empowerment.

Nevertheless, Girl Power Collective is definitely a fun show, and would certainly appeal to young, old and everything in between.

Girl Power Collective is playing at the Marion Cultural Centre on March 9th. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

3.5 stars

By Rachel Gould